Harness the Power of Healing Light

Are a seeker of joint or back pain relief, or wonder when the feeling in your feet or hands will be restored,? These are just two of many issues that can lead to relief of using the power of Photobiomodulation (PBM) or in other words power of healing light, LED light therapy.

I’m introducing a technology that is is new to me. It’s been around for several decades apparently and now I’m making it available beginning with people that suffer from chronic pain and Peripheral Neuropathy, Arthritis, fibromyalgia, wound healing, repetitive stress injury. In the future I will add more services. This technology is a medical grade, FDA cleared LED light therapy system. It is the most innovative and highest grade light therapy equipment available.

Your wondering how can this work and why aren’t doctors using this technology. Well some doctors are and physical therapists as well as other massage therapist are starting to use these pads so that you will feel relief from your pain without the use of drugs that just don’t make you feel good. the equipment are flexible neoprene pads that conform to the body contours. When needed , the pads can be strapped around a joint , the head or a limb. LED is light-emitting diode releasing energy in the form of photons. As a massage therapist using this therapy in conjunction with a massage increases repair and the regeneration of tissue which then leads to a positive effect on your area of discomfort. LED light therapy is safe for everyone, gentle, relaxing and soothing, noninvasive, no known negative side effects according to several research studies.

According to Dr. Len Saputo ( Infrared light therapy July12,2017) “there’s hardly a kind of pain that doesn’t respond to infra-red light therapy.”He explains that “whenever an infra-red light ray hits a blood vessel wall , causes an instant release of a compound called nitric oxide” Nitric oxide is nicknamed the “miracle molecule”. he further explains that “nitric oxide causes instantaneous pop-open of a blood vessel so suddenly that there’s a dramatic change in circulation… It also causes a reduction in inflammation that happens very quickly.

It increases lymphatic drainage; it increases the activity of white cells so they clean up debris faster and it has an amazing effect on nerves.it causes nerve fibers that are pain fibers to calm down an not causes so much pain” As circulation increases in the local treatment area it allows for greater nutrient- rich blood flow to the nerves, muscles, joints and other tissues, which improves tissue oxygenation and reduces inflammation- which reduces pain and accelerates the body’s natural healing processes.( Massage Magazine , March 2019)